The second season of the Ultimate Kho Kho League ended on a high note as the Gujarat Giants triumphed over the Chennai Quick Guns to claim their first-ever title. Let’s revisit some of the key moments from this memorable season.

Winning the Final Against Chennai Quick Guns

The pinnacle of the season was undoubtedly our victory in the final. After overcoming the Odisha Juggernauts in the semi-final, we faced the formidable Chennai Quick Guns, who had bested us twice in the group stages. Despite the odds, we emerged victorious. Sanket Kadam and Suyash Gargate delivered standout performances. We dominated the first half, and though the Quick Guns mounted a comeback in the second half, we held firm to lift the trophy.

46-22 Win Over the Rajasthan Warriors

Our game against the Rajasthan Warriors was a crucial victory, ending with a decisive score of 46-22. We controlled both halves, preventing the Warriors from mounting any significant challenge. This win was particularly important as it ended our three-game losing streak and helped us regain momentum in the tournament. It also marked the largest victory margin in our history in the Ultimate Kho Kho League.

A Strong Start to the Tournament

Building a strong team in the auction, we knew a solid start was essential, and we delivered. We won our first four games against the Rajasthan Warriors, Mumbai Khiladis, Telugu Yoddhas, and Odisha Juggernauts. These victories boosted our confidence and established us as a formidable contender. Key players like Akshay Bhangre and Suyash Gargate performed exceptionally well, setting the tone for the season.

Semi-Final Win Against Odisha Juggernauts

The semi-final against the Odisha Juggernauts was a nail-biter, but we emerged with a 29-27 victory. Coming off a tough loss to the Chennai Quick Guns, our players didn’t let it shake their confidence. We entered the game with energy and focus, and despite the Juggernauts' strong performance, we secured our spot in the final.

Sanket Kadam’s Performance in the Final

Sanket Kadam was a star in the final against the Chennai Quick Guns. His invaluable points in the second half were crucial in maintaining our lead as the Quick Guns tried to close the gap. Alongside Suyash Gargate, Sanket's superb performance was instrumental in our victory. Their contributions were pivotal, and we look forward to seeing them continue to shine in upcoming seasons.

These moments made the season unforgettable and showcased the strength and determination of the Gujarat Giants.