The Utlimat Kho Kho Season 1 group stage is nearing it’s end, Gujarat Giants are second in the table and are through to the playoffs. The attackers have been really crucial in this run to the play offs so let us take a look a the best attackers in the team.

Abhinandhan Patil

He has been the lynch pin of the attack so far, accumalating 65 points in total, he has also been the second best Wazir this season.

Matches : 8

Total Points : 65

Avg Points : 8.13

Total Touch Points : 48

Total Dive Points : 17

Not Outs : 7

Suyash Gargate

Though classed as an all-rounder he as been pivotal in attack 

Matches : 8

Total Points : 57

Avg Points : 7.13

Total Touch Points : 34

Total Dive Points : 23

Aniket Pote

Providing good support to Patil is Aniket Pote, he has had an impressive season.

Matches : 8

Total Points : 48

Avg Points : 6

Total Touch Points : 6

Total Dive Points : 42

Ranjan Shetty

The captain of the side has been the third best attacker and lead from the front when required this season

Matches : 8

Total Points : 41

Avg Points : 5.13

Total Touch Points : 6

Total Dive Points : 35

Nilesh Patil

The first name on the lineup he has been very efficient this season.

Matches : 9

Total Points : 37

Avg Points : 4.11

Total Touch Points : 10

Total Dive Points : 27

The Key to the success in the playoffs will be the attackers leading from the front