There is much to rejoice for fans of the Gujarat Giants! We have qualified for the Playoffs of the Ultimate Kho Kho League for the second time in a row, and we did it in dominating fashion. We defeated the Rajasthan Warriors by the biggest margin in season 2 and have become the second team after Telugu Yoddhas to qualify for the next round. It is a proud moment for us as we look to win the title this time around. 

We qualified for the Playoffs in the first season as well but we unfortunately lost to the Yoddhas in Qualifier 2. We were the top of the table at that time as well but we could not cross the final hurdle. 

The Giants are on a roll now. Beating a team 46-22 is no mean feat and we have achieved it with supreme skill. We started the tournament with 4 back-to-back wins. Akshay Bhangre and Abhinandan Patil have been the stars of the show while Deepak Madhav and Bharat Pradhan have also been impressive. Pabani Sabar has shown why he belongs to the big stage after his excellent performances in the last 2 games. 

Our head coach Sanjeev Sharma has been instrumental in motivating the Giants. We have been a very dominant side throughout the tournament so far. We have three games left in the League stage and we would be looking to win all the three games and go into the Playoffs with a lot of confidence.