Our final League game before the crucial playoffs ended in a challenging loss as we were defeated by the in-form team of the tournament, the Jaipur Pink Panthers. Despite the setback, we remain confident in our ability to bounce back and return to our winning ways before the playoffs. This defeat serves as a wake-up call for us, and we view it as a singular occurrence rather than a trend.

The Jaipur Pink Panthers began the game strongly, securing successful raids early on and even inflicting an All Out just three minutes into the match, giving them a significant lead. At one point, they were ahead 9-1. Despite our efforts, led by the stellar performance of Parteek Dahiya, the Panthers maintained their dominance, executing another All Out in the 16th minute. They held a commanding lead of 28-14 going into half time.

In the second half, Arjun Deshwal of the Panthers continued their momentum with an impressive performance, securing his 16th Super 10 of the season. They inflicted another All Out, extending their lead to a formidable 19 points. Although the situation seemed dire, Dahiya's exceptional Super Raids provided us with a glimmer of hope. We managed to inflict an All Out as well, narrowing the lead to just 9 points with five minutes remaining. While we came close to earning another All Out, the Panthers defended fiercely, securing the win.

It was undoubtedly a tough final league game for us, but we remain determined to learn from this defeat and prepare diligently for the playoffs. Our focus now shifts to the Eliminator stage, which starts on February 26th. We are gearing up for an intense battle and are confident in our ability to take a step closer to securing our first title.