Few of Gujarat Giants’ star cricketers shared their pre-match rituals during the second edition of Legends League Cricket.

In an exclusive chat, our Giants Manvinder Bisla, Ashok Dinda, K.P Appanna and Parthiv Patel revealed their matchday rituals.

Here’s what our Giants had to say:

Manvinder Bisla: I think every cricketer follows a pre-match ritual. I always follow two pre-match rituals - when I play outside, I always talk to my family before the match because I feel much better. I enjoy talking to them and also, their blessings are very important. Secondly, when I go out for batting, I always try to take strike on the first ball since I have mostly played as an opener in my career. I like it because I usually feel more nervous at the non-striker end and hence, like facing the first ball.

Ashok Dinda: My first pre-match ritual is to close all the zips in my handbag. Secondly, I write my shoe size number on the shoes that I will wear for the match. That is very important. Thirdly, my head band and wrist band. Without them, I never bowl. My clothes can be of any type and any color, but I need my head band and wrist band.

K.P. Appanna: I don’t have anything as such for my pre-match ritual. But, definitely, I pray in the dressing room before I step onto the field. Also, when I’m sitting, my shoes have to be in order. My bottle has to be in order. My kit bag has to be in order. I cannot throw around. I cannot see a messy room. So, I keep everything in order. Whichever is moved, it has to be there when I sit there first. It has to be in the sameplace. It shouldn’t move here and there. I get a little distracted with that. Apart from that, there’s nothing else. 

Parthiv Patel: Whenever I used to go for a match, my pre-match ritual was three drills of wicket-keeping. Whether I was batting or wicket-keeping on that day, it didn’t matter. I followed my three drills of wicket-keeping while playing every match for almost 10 years. So, even if it was a four-day match and I was dismissed twice before the third day, and I had to do nothing, whenever I went to the ground, I always followed my three drills of wicket-keeping every time before every match.