The Match in a Tweet

Comeback on Cards

 With crucial match against zone rivals, U Mumba, our Giants changed their lineup by going with 3 raiders. Experienced raiders like Mahanedra Rajput and K Prapanjan were brought into the starting seven to help our five-star raider Sachin Tanwar. Star from our last game against U Mumba, Mahendra Rajput got us our first points of the night as he escaped an attempted ankle hold. K. Prapanjan was keeping us in the game as he was able to get bonus points each time he went to raid. He was setting the tone as he escaped a tackle from Rohit Rana with a dubki and got us yet another point.

With three players on the mat it was Siddharth Desai who came in for a raid, Sachin Vittala tried to tackle him which was well supported by both the players. However, Siddharth Desai was able to get over to other side inflicting an all-out on us. K Prapanjan was able to escape yet another tackle as he got a running touch getting us two points in one raid. We were trailing by 9 points with 13 minutes into the game.

With 5 minutes to go in the half, U Mumba’s Siddharth Desai came in for a raid but Pravesh Bhainswal did not allow him to get past the mid-line as he executed an ankle hold on him and got a Super Tackle. With yet another Super Tackle on Rohit Baliyan, Parvesh set us up for an excellent comeback. With next raid Mahendra Rajput was able to eliminate Fazel Atrachali and cut their lead down to 6 points.

With a Do-or-Die raid for U Mumba they sent in Siddharth Desai to raid. With an excellent back hold on him, Parvesh Bhainswal was able to hold him off as he raced of to a High 5 in the first half. With an excellent end to the first half for us we were still trailing by 5 points. Our defence surely picked up the game with four players on mat for them.

Comeback complete

Parvesh Bhainswal was not letting the team lose as Darshan Kadian came in for a Do-or-Die Raid. Parvesh Bhainswal got hold of him to give us a point. In the next two raids, K. Prapanjan was able to take two points and in the process was able to eliminate Abolfazl who had just came in as a substitute for U Mumba. However, U Mumba maintained their lead with a Super Tackle on K. Prapanjan.

Our defenders were determined to keep us in the game as they tackled Siddharth yet again to send him off the mat. With the next raid Sachin Tanwar was able to take out two out of the three U Mumba players on mat, and soon after with a tackle on Rohit Baliyan, we were able to get U Mumba all-out to cut their lead to 2 points.

Our defence was looking strong against a top raiding side. Parvesh Bhainswal was playing with great determination to put us on top of U Mumba as he tackled Darshan Kadian to bring us within 2 points distance. We got lucky with the next raid as Fazel Atrachali made an error while back tracking and stepped out of the mat to give us an easy point.

It was a close game with 5 minutes to go when Sunil Kumar dashed Siddharth Desai out of the mat. With next couple of raids Sachin Tanwar was able to get couple of raid points and we were able to take the lead of one point. Our team had completed the comeback and taken the lead of two points and were able to inflict all out on them and take a lead of 5 points as Sunil Kumar dashed the raider of the mat single-handedly.

With a Do-or-Die Raid on for us it was K. Prapanjan who was sent in for a raid and was able to race back to our side evading tackles and completing his Super 10. It was an incredible comeback for us to keep our record intact against U Mumba.