The Match in a Tweet

Starting with Authority.

In our first match against Patna Pirates, Coach Manpreet Singh went with one change to the starting seven. Bringing in an international raider Dong Geon Lee in place of Rohit Gulia. We went into the game with 3 raiders and 4 defenders keeping the line up well-balanced. In the very first raid of the game, Sachin Tanwar was able to get a running hand touch and on the defence, he tackled Pardeep Narwal.

The intensity of our play, and our defense especially was on point.  In the first 5 minutes, Sachin Tanwar got the raid points while our defenders didn’t allow Pardeep to take any points. Parvesh Bhainswal’s hunger for more points came fruitful as he pounced on Deepak Narwal with an excellent thigh hold.

Our determination to not give them raid points in any form worked in our favour quickly as we were able to inflict an all-out giving ourselves a good lead of 8 points.

Our raiders gave a mighty fine performance as well, helping the team keep the lead at the game at all times.

K Prapanjan’s smooth raid gave us 2 points whereas Sachin Tanwar was his usual self on the mat as he quickly raced to gain 6 points in the first half itself.

K Prapanjan wasn’t far behind him as he added 5 points of his own like a cherry on top, raising the danger level for Patna Pirates with every passing second. It was a do-or-die for defending champions at the end of first half and they sent Deepak Narwal into raid.

However, Parvesh Bhainswal had a different plan as he went in for Deepak’s ankles and the team backed up his tackle.

We went into the break with an 8-point lead in our kitty.

Finishing Stronger

Parvesh Bhainswal was on a roll last night with his dominating performance against Pardeep Narwal. He came in for a second raid, got a hold of Pardeep’s ankle with ample support from his teammates.

With 3 players on the mat, K Prapanjan who was able to escape a tackle attempt on him and in the very next second, he tackled yet another player, taking us closer to victory and yet another all-out.

We took a comfortable lead of 13 points.

The attack wasn’t done yet as we managed to keep the Dubki King’s raid on check last night. Our captain too got into the action as he tackled Manjeet. Ruturaj Koravi too kept the heat on the Patna as he made an excellent tackle on Deepak Narwal.

It was an excellent display of defence as Parvesh Bhainswal scored another High 5.

He won the battle against Pardeep Narwal by keeping him off the mat for more than 12 minutes. Substitute Hadi came in with only 4 minutes left on the clock and added more points to our tally.

Sachin Tanwar too executed a Super Raid. Coach Manpreet Singh gave chance to youngster Dharmender who in his very first attempt scored a Super Raid and wiped out Patna Pirates.

In the end, we won comfortably and made a statement with a stamp of authority.