The Match in a Tweet

Confident Start

After a convincing win over Haryana Steelers, Coach Manpreet Singh went into the game with the same line up. There was no need for change in the lineup after all-around performance in our last match. In the first raid K. Prapanjan was able get a running hand touch on one of the Panthers to give our first points of the game which was followed by a block from Parvesh Bhainswal to give us our first tackle points. After coming back into the game Sachin Tanwar was able to add his first points on the board. We were off to a good start as usual.

Our defence was not far behind as we quickly wiped out the Pink Panthers to give us our first all-out of the game. We looked as we were continuing our moment from the last game into this one. As we raced off to a quick 4 points lead. With our cover duo off the mat, Sachin was sent in for a crucial do-or-die raid. He was able to deliver a Super Raid to revive both the defenders with one raid. After an error by Parvesh Bhainswal on Deepak Niwas Hooda, Dong Geon Lee put in a Super Raid of his own to give us back to back Super Raids and give us a comfortable 10-point lead. It was a show of our dominance throughout the season. Our dominance was on display as each player was contributing towards our total points tally.

We went into the half with a comfortable lead of 8 points on the back of an all-around performance.  

Sturdy Finish

We started the second half with a great tackle on a do-or-die raid for Jaipur. Ruturaj got hold of the ankle of the raider and the team responded to his tackle. With just two players for us on the mat, it was Ruturaj who went for a dash on Deepak and was able to get a Super Tackle for us to give us a crucial revival. Even with an all-out on us we still had a comfortable lead of 5 points for us and now we had all our team back on mat.

Our defence was on top again and with all the players on the mat we were not going to allow any easy point to Pink Panthers. Sachin continued his enormous form this season as he raced to 7 raid point after 31 minutes of game played. With a do-or-die raid for us, K. Prapanjan was trusted to raid, he responded with a 2-point raid and reduced the Panthers to 3 players. He escaped an attempted dash on him and in turn got one more player on his way to the mid-line. Panthers were giving us a tough fight with 5 more minutes to play in the match. K. Prapanjan got into the groove and raided successfully on a Do-or-Die. When the Kenyan raider came in for raid it was met by our super Giant Parvesh with a double ankle hold. We were playing smartly with a lead of 7 points lead in our favour, not allowing any easy points to them. It was Ruturaj’s defence on Deepak Niwas Hooda that earned him a High 5 in the match.

With the clock hitting the end time we were able to pull through with a team win. Our early efforts kept us far from their reach. Yet another win against Pink Panthers put us within 2 points of U Mumba for the top spot in Zone A.  

 Even with a good fight from Jaipur, our Giants kept their calm and hailed victorious.