In the recent match against Bengal Warriors, we witnessed the rise of a new star in the Gujarat Giants: Parteek Dahiya. His outstanding performance not only led us to victory but also propelled us to the top of the points table. His remarkable display in that game has left a lasting impression on us, and we cannot stop talking about it.

On his journey to that remarkable game against the Warriors, Parteek achieved several incredible milestones. He set a new record for the most points scored by a player in a single Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) game this season, securing an impressive 25 points. Additionally, he reached a significant milestone of 200 raid points in the league, showcasing his exceptional skills and dedication. Scoring 20 points in a Kabaddi game is extremely uncommon and a noteworthy achievement, and Parteek made it seem effortless.

Parteek played a pivotal role in our victory against the Bengal Warriors. Despite the Warriors making a strong comeback, our exceptional player had different plans and executed a flawless game, ensuring our triumph. Initially, Parteek might have been disheartened due to limited opportunities in the early stages of the League. However, when he finally got his chance, he showcased his talent and determination in every game he played.

Having been our top raider in the 9th season, Parteek continues to make a significant impact in the 10th season as well. We hope he maintains this exceptional form in the upcoming games, contributing to our team's success and hopefully guiding us to the title. His dedication and stellar performances are a testament to his talent and determination, and we are excited to see more of his brilliance on the Kabaddi mat.