Gujarat Giants are leading the Pro Kabaddi League's 10th season after their initial four matches. The Giants’ success has been largely thanks to the outstanding performance of Sonu Jaglan. Sonu has been the driving force behind the Giants’ offensive efficiency in the Ahmedabad leg, playing a pivotal role in the team's comeback in their first three games.

Sonu achieved Super Raids and Super 10s in each of the first three matches, playing a crucial role for Gujarat Giants. In the previous season, he had participated in just 12 matches and managed only one Super 10. 

However, Sonu's journey has not been smooth. He faced injuries and hardships to reach his current position. In 2021, he suffered a leg fracture during training. While he initially tried to continue playing through the pain, eventually he had to be on bed rest due to increased discomfort. After a year, he made a comeback but still grappled with considerable pain. Through extensive rehabilitation, he overcame these challenges and has since shown incredible prowess in the 10th season of the Pro Kabaddi League.

Sonu's resilience is an inspiration, and Gujarat Giants are counting on his continued form throughout the tournament.