Gujarat Giants kicked off their Pro Kabaddi League Season 10 journey with a resounding victory, outclassing Telugu Titans with a 38-32 triumph at the Arena by TransStadia in Ahmedabad on Saturday, December 2.

Rising as the hero for the Giants, Raider Sonu, introduced in the second half, dazzled with a Super 10. His remarkable 11 points featured a game-changing five-point Super Raid. Mohammad Nabibakhsh and captain Fazel Atrachali fortified the Giants' defense with a combined seven tackle points.

The match initiated with a flurry of successful raids, but a series of impactful moves by Pawan Sehrawat tilted the momentum in Titans' favor. Despite trailing 12-7, the Giants, with Nabibakhsh and Fazel on the mat, thwarted an all-out threat with a brilliant Super Tackle on Pawan. Fazel's subsequent Super Tackle added to the Giants' resilience. However, Titans led 16-13 at halftime.

The second half saw a swift turnaround as Giants' coach, Ram Mehar Singh, brought in Sonu, proving to be a masterstroke. Sonu's debut raid in PKL Season 10 marked a five-point Super Raid, leading to the first all-out on Titans and a 23-18 Giants lead.

Although the Giants had an opportunity for another all-out, a successful raid by Titans' Robin Chaudhary, followed by a Hamid Nader Super Tackle, spared the Men in Yellow. Sonu continued to secure raid points, ensuring the Giants maintained their lead throughout the match.