The tenth season of the Pro Kabaddi League was filled with thrills and excitement, and our Gujarat Giants showcased some remarkable performances throughout the tournament. Despite our unfortunate defeat in the Eliminator against Haryana Steelers, we hold our heads high, proud of the tremendous efforts put forth by our team. As we've already delved into the standout Raiders, it's now time to spotlight the exceptional Defenders who stood tall for the Giants in this season of the PKL.

Fazel Atrachali

Fazel Atrachali, our esteemed captain, spearheaded our defense with aplomb. His leadership was exemplary, guiding the team to the Playoffs with his stellar performances on the mat. In the 23 games played, Fazel amassed a formidable tally of 62 tackle points. His contribution included 4 Super Tackles and 3 High 5s, showcasing his ability to turn the tide of matches single-handedly. With a successful tackle rate of 48%, Fazel's presence on the mat was nothing short of awe-inspiring. Our Sultan also became the first man to reach 450 tackle points in PKL history.


Sombir emerged as another lynchpin in our defensive setup, consistently delivering standout performances throughout the season. His tenacity and skill left spectators in awe as he thwarted opposition raiders with precision. In 22 appearances, Sombir garnered an impressive 52 tackle points, complemented by 8 Super Tackles and 4 High 5s. His successful tackle rate of 42% underscores his reliability as a defender and his invaluable contributions to the team's success.

Deepak Singh Rathee

Deepak Singh Rathee, though featuring in fewer games, left an indelible mark with his exceptional defensive skill. His performances in the latter stages of the season were instrumental in securing crucial victories for the team. Despite playing just 14 games, Deepak accumulated 43 points, including 2 Super Tackles and 4 High 5s. Notably, his remarkable successful tackle rate of 57% exemplifies his defensive acumen and ability to deliver under pressure.

Balaji D

Balaji D, another integral member of our defensive unit, showcased glimpses of brilliance in his performances. Though his numbers may not stand out as much as others, his contributions were vital in pivotal moments throughout the season. Balaji played a significant role in fortifying our defense and aiding the team's journey to the Playoffs.

In conclusion, the tenth season of the Pro Kabaddi League witnessed Gujarat Giants' defenders rise to the occasion, exhibiting resilience, skill, and determination on the mat. Their unwavering commitment and stellar performances were instrumental in the team's success, earning them admiration and accolades from fans and pundits alike.