The game between Gujarat Giants and U Mumba was a real nail-biter! Gujarat Giants managed to snatch a win once again, just like they've been doing all season. In their previous two games, they were trailing at halftime but turned things around. This time, it was all thanks to one player - Sonu Jaglan.

The Giants took the lead right from the start, but U Mumba fought back hard. The score kept swinging between the two teams, reaching 7-5 by the 5th minute. Then Rakesh scored a bonus point, giving the Giants a small lead. But a fantastic defensive move by Maninder Singh with a Super Tackle put U Mumba in the lead. Just before half-time, Fazel Atrachali, the Giants' captain, made an incredible raid and Super Tackle, narrowing the gap.

Sonu wasted no time in the second half, scoring in his first raid and putting the Giants back in the lead. He continued his impressive performance, securing two more points and helping the Giants build their lead. By the 30th minute, the Giants were ahead 30-22.

However, U Mumba didn't give up. They fought back strongly with players like Guman Singh, Amirmohammad Zafardanesh, and Pranay Rane. Zafardanesh pulled off an All-Out, bringing both teams level. But Sonu was determined to take his team over the line. He pulled off another fantastic raid, achieving his third successive Super 10, to take back the lead in the closing minutes and award the Giants their third successive win of the tournament.