Gujarat Giants had a quiet yet influential Day 2 of the auction with the acquisition of Ravinder Pahal, Hadi Oshtorak, and Soleiman Pahlevani. The Giants’ management team and coach Manpreet Singh targeted strengthening the defensive area of the squad on Day 2 as a wide range of raiders were available on Day 3 of the Vivo Pro Kabaddi League Season 8.

The Giants gathered momentum and opened the account on Day 3 with the retention of 21-year-old Sonu Jaglan for ₹20 lakhs. Mahendra Rajput and Rathan K were the next raiders to follow, who were signed for ₹15 lakhs and ₹25 lakhs respectively. The surge for acquiring raiders on Day 3 continued as the Giants signed Maninder Singh for a base price of ₹10 lakhs, Harshit Yadav for ₹10 lakhs, and Girish Ernak for ₹20 lakhs. As Day 3 of the Auction was coming to an end, the Gujarat Giants managed to get the final say as the last players signed at the Auction were Pardeep Kumar and Ajay Kumar for their base prices of ₹10 lakhs each.

This concluded a fruitful auction for the Giants. Coach Manpreet Singh and the management team stuck to their plan of retaining their experienced players ahead of the auction, strengthening the defensive area of the squad, and going for talented young raiders. The final squad looks to be a smooth blend of experience and versatility. This Gujarat Giants team will be one to look out for and provide action-packed entertainment for the fans in season 8!